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PFLAG Jersey City was founded by a small group of Jersey City parents of gay children. We've seen firsthand the pain of intolerance when our children were mocked or bullied; our goal is to ensure that other kids don't have the same experience. 

How do we do that? Education is one way. Children who live in a diverse, inclusive society, learn to be tolerant. If they have good role models, they learn to be good citizens. 

Supporting parents is an equally important part of our work. When a child comes out to his/her parents, sometimes the parents struggle to talk openly with their friends, colleagues, and family members about it.  "When your child comes out, you come out too." 

We advocate on behalf of the gay community. Sometimes that means speaking at a business, sometimes it's helping a child talk to a teacher, sometimes it's learning more about laws that affect the gay community. We here at PFLAG Jersey City believe strongly in our role as allies

Our chapter meets once a month to share stories and resources, so everyone knows someone is on their side, someone else has been through a similar experience. 

If you can't make it to a meeting, call or email us, and we'll provide support in whatever way that we can! 


Jyl Josephson


Caroyn Hoberman


James Nelson


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