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stand up against bullying

Last night I attended a powerful program at the Hoboken Historical Museum. The subject was how to fight bullying, and it was terrific!

Hoboken Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher

The panel:

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Johnson, anti-bullying expert New Jersey State Police Lieutenant Gregory M. Williams, Dianne Grossman from Mallory’s Army and a psychologist whose name I forgot to write down.

Film-maker Frank Gigante. We saw two short films he produced on the subject of bullying.

Why does PFLAG Jersey City care about bullying? Because young members of the LGBTQ+ community experience bullying at school at far, FAR higher rates than most other kids. As a result, many of them engage in self-harm and even suicide.

Several themes came out in the panel discussion:

>Bullying has gotten worse in our social-media drenched world.

>it takes a village to stop bullying

>bullying can be stopped in its tracks, but it takes work from the community.

It was inspiring to hear from Dianne Grossman, the mother of Mallory Grossman. Dianne and her husband founded Mallory's Army to combat bullying and speak out for other families who have lost children to suicide. For more info go to

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