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Ready to vote?

As a 501(c)3, PFLAG Jersey City follows specific guidelines when it comes to politics. We can't say "vote for Candidate X because she will approve Bill 123", but we CAN summarize what's at stake as you make your own decisions.

The biggest thing at stake in the November 2018 elections is this:

>>>>We need EVERYONE to vote.<<<<

This weekend, as we eat our last slices of summer watermelon and think about the upcoming fall calendar (always too busy, right?) check your voter registration, and ask your friends, family, and neighbors whether they're registered to vote. Using the first link below verifies whether you are registered to vote in the State of New Jersey. If you've moved in the last couple years, you might not have moved your registration with check NOW. Please!

The second link gives you info about your senators and representative. Congressional House districts aren't all that obvious so make sure you know which one you're in.

One last thing: start reading up on where your Senators and Representative stand on LGBTQ+ issues. How have they voted recently? Do their votes match their stated positions?

Oops! One very last thing: Have you written to your Congress-person? They won't know how you feel if they don't hear from you....

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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