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need a gift idea?

Are you a person who plans their holiday gift-giving weeks/months in advance? Or are you one of those last-minute types who panics a week beforehand and searches desperately for "the perfect gift"?

PFLAG Jersey City is here to help!

Please think of getting a membership to PFLAG Jersey City as a gift, since everyone you know already has more "stuff" than they know what to do with. Memberships in our chapter are not expensive.

Individual: $30/year

Couple: $40/year

Family: $45/year

Student: $25/year

$15 of every membership goes to PFLAG national headquarters. They do lobbying work and have a paid staff. The remaining funds stay in our chapter, where we have numerous expenses. In 2019 we'll be running a medical survey and the website to host it on will cost approx $30/month. So 2 memberships would cover that cost for us for one month. We want to put educational materials in the hands of about 60 teachers and staff who work with preschool children in Jersey City. Those printed materials aren't free for us, we have to pay for them even though we give them away.

The Christmas season is supposed to celebrate "peace on earth, goodwill to all" (notice that I made it gender neutral?) What better way to show your love and goodwill than by giving a gift to your local PFLAG chapter. Thank you! And happy holidays...

[How to get your membership:

Click on the "donate" button. That will send you to PayPal; make sure you check off whether this is a monthly donation or a one-time donation, and write us a note in the comments box to tell us if you want a membership.]

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