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Sure it's July...but 100˚? That's overachieving, isn't it?

It was only 3 weeks ago that NYC celebrated World Pride 2019, and there are still rainbow flags in lots of places. Today I ran across this banner, almost directly across the street from The Stonewall Inn, and I think it perfectly sums up the concept of "inclusion." Jersey City's Pride is Sat, Aug 24, which in terms of planning is just around the corner, so we hope you can join us for our monthly meeting on July 22, so we can talk about our goals for Pride. (please see our "events" page to access our calendar)

We continue to learn of efforts by this administration to strip rights away from groups, in fact there's a new commission to "redefine" what human rights are!

We're not letting that stop us. We know what human rights are, we know that we always have to defend and protect them, so that's what we're going to continue to do.

None of us are safe or free when groups of people are targeted for harassment.

Being an ally means speaking up, standing up, and above all, persisting.

Stay cool, everyone!

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