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Heading into summer

Which should we start with: good news or not-so-goodnews?

OK, good news. It's Memorial Day weekend, which means BBQ's, swimming, going to the beach, long evenings at balmy temperatures, school is almost over....what's not to like?

We're meeting new partners this coming week, a group in Newark called "Chosen Space", helping Queer/Trans People of Color. If you get a chance, stop by their picnic today!

On June 12, PFLAG Jersey City will provide training to family workers at child care centers. Last week, we attended an event at Direct Energy in Metropark, NJ. They held a session for their employees about "how to be an ally." Great discussions! And our June PFLAG meeting will be on June 24th. (Our next blog post will have a lot of PRIDE info for events in June, but you can find dates on our calendar already)

Moving on to less good news: the federal government seems hell-bent on rolling back civil rights for as many vulnerable groups as possible. The trans ban for the military has gone into effect in spite of intense lobbying and protest efforts; "religious freedom" laws are a threat to the health of LGBTQ+ people as they could easily be denied important health services; and now there's a memo to deny housing to the transgender homeless population.

What can we do? We have to show up. Let's walk the walk and talk the talk. Let's demonstrate what acceptance means.

Last month a small group of protestors showed up outside Word bookstore on Newark Ave during Drag Queen Story Time. On June 8, from 12:30-2pm, we invite you to join PFLAG Jersey City to show support for the next DQST:

We will be at a table on Newark Ave with flyers, stickers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles (LOTS of bubbles) and stories.

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