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A busy week to end April

Before a news roundup, a reminder that May's meeting will take place on May 20th, not on Memorial Day. Be sure to join us before you dash off to summer fun!

Last Monday we welcomed TWO new families! It's gratifying to know that our support and help is being more widely known in the community--that's what we're here for!

Tuesday found us in Newark, meeting with the folks at GLSEN, a national organization that works to educate schools and students about LGBTQ+ issues. We use some of their materials as resources, but we hadn't met their team face-to-face.

Wednesday was Pride Day at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. The weather was perfect, though a bit blustery. There was great turnout for the event, and the energy was contagious! Several students filled out healthcare surveys (have YOU done that yet? If not here's the link again:

I commented to one student that young people have to take on a lot of big issues in the coming years. She replied: "don't worry about us, we're a spunky generation."

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